This is a success story where we greatly improved the performance of a client’s…

Google Shopping campaigns, simply by segmenting campaigns effectively, leveraging seasonal trends, data feed optimisation, and refining product titles.

Through these strategic efforts, we managed to achieve a remarkable 26% increase in ROAS, a 31% drop in average CPC, and a 17% decrease in CPA year on year.

By organizing the campaigns into granular, common-sense ad groups, we were able to allocate budgets more efficiently and optimize bidding for maximum effectiveness.

This segmentation allowed us to achieve better targeting and control over the campaign’s performance.

By analyzing historical data and identifying key sales peaks of the different ranges throughout the year, we strategically adjusted bidding strategies and product promotions to capitalize on the increased demand during peak seasons.

This seasonal approach helped us drive higher conversion rates and revenue while minimizing the wasteful ad spend during slower periods that their previous agency was guilty of. 

We collaborated closely with our client – a B2C domestic storage solutions company – and our feed provider to improve the quality of the product data feeds submitted to Google Merchant Centre. We optimized product titles, descriptions, images, and other relevant attributes to enhance visibility, relevance, and click-through rates.

By conducting thorough keyword research and analysis, we drilled down to those relevant and high-converting search terms that aligned with the client’s product offerings. We then integrated these keywords into our product titles & descriptions to improve ad visibility, attract more qualified traffic, and drive higher click-through rates & sales.


increase in roas
decrease in cpa
drop in cpc